15 August, 2008

Candle Bling!

When I bought the crystal beads for my hanging table cards, I had to buy more than I needed, due to sneaky packaging. I felt like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride, ripping open the twelve-packs of hotdog buns so that he only had eight to go with his eight weiners. Ok, actually Didn't care at all, since I was just thrilled to find the perfect crystal, but if I had cared, it might have turned out badly :-)

The shop where I bought them sold them in packs of eight, and I needed nine, so I was left with seven extra beads, too pretty to waste! So I decided to use them elsewhere in the wedding. But where? There weren't enough to attach to the chairs along the aisle, and they were a bit too big and unshapely to put on the bouquets. And then it hit me: Candle Jewellery!

A friend at work gave me a ton of candles, which are sitting attempting not to gather dust even as I type, so I already had them to work with. I had already decided not to do flowers on the head table, because that would end up blocking us from view, and of course it's all about us! So my idea was something like this:

Except in our case the row of candles will be on the outside edge of the table, not down the centre. And they're bigger, and not glass votives. But you get the gist.

So then I figured, since the candles will be at the end of the table, why not give them little crystal "necklaces" to hang down off the edge, and prettify the table a bit? So this is what I came up with:

Excuse the edge of the bed. I don't own a table. Pathetic, right? (well, I do own a table, but the computer and a million things are on it.) Anyway, I think these will add some lovely sparkliness to the table, and match the placecards! So yay!


  1. ooo pretty! That turned out great for you, and it will tie in nicely :)

  2. I think your tables are beautiful. Where did you get the damask runners? My daughter is getting married in May of 2010 and likes black and white. I loved the candle jewelry idea. I sort of used the same idea on chandeliers that were plain (dressed them up with flowers and greenery)and then added four sets of crystals that were actually Christmas ornaments from Garden Ridge. Thanks for sharing. Donna

  3. Hi Donna,

    I bought damask curtain fabric from a fabric store in The Oriental Plaza in JHB, and cut it up and had my mom edge them. Thanks for the compliment!


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