10 August, 2008

Hair trials

Or, in my case, the trial of finding a hairstylist. Yep, that's right - I'm two and a half months away and I STILL don't have a stylist. I feel like I've been a bit lazy about this, but honestly everyone keeps quoting me exorbitant travel costs that make me run for the hills and never want to come out of my safe little cave. I really want to get my hair done at the venue, because in the morning I have to oversee the setting-up of the reception hall and chapel, to make sure that everyone keeps in line with my vision (because it's myyyyy daaaaay!!!). If I then have to get in my car and drive off somewhere to do my hair, and then drive back again, it's (a) going to waste pretty much an hour of my day just on travel, and (b) tire me out even more, which is really not a good plan!

Which is why the stylists can quote you R1000 to come out to the venue and get away with it.

A few months ago I met up with a hairdresser who is a friend of a friend. He arrived half an hour late, didn't answer his phone either of the times I called him during that time, and then proceeded to tell me he didn't hear his phone ring because he was driving. Later in the conversation he mentioned that he lives five minutes away from the place where we were meeting - which means that if it took him 5 minutes to get there, he was still at home BOTH times I phoned him. Needless to say, I didn't want to hire an unreliable liar for the most important day of my life, so I brushed him off.

The next two people were too expensive, and my regular hairdresser doesn't travel out because she works from home and has a baby.

So in the last month I've just pretty much given up...which is BAD, very bad! On the upside, at least I know what sort of style I want! Something mostly down, lightly curled, and covering my ears, which are my least favourite part of my anatomy (followed swiftly by my knees). Something like these:

I also really love the look of this one, but I'd want the back part loose. The twisted hair on the crown of her head is phenomenal, though:

My obsession with photography blogs leads me to find a new idea practically every day! However, at least there's a clear pattern emerging with the hairstyles I like, so that's something! Now if I can just find someone to create it...

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