05 August, 2008

Ginger peachy

Have you ever seen a photo and just fallen in love with it? Just loved it so much that you wanted to recreate it so you could BE it? That's what happened to me a little while ago. Ok, ok, so it happens all the time with the amount of wedding blogstalking I do. But this was different - it's not a wedding photo, for one thing!

It started when I was looking for photos for our classic actor table names. One of my choices is the fantastically beautiful, funny and talented Ginger Rogers (I can't say enough about her, and she's not even my favourite!). Anyway, this is the photo of her we're going to use on "her" table:

But in the midst of looking, I found this beauty:

General Oh-My-Gawd-ness followed, and I decided then and there that my photographer WILL take a photo of me in this pose, with this sepia tone on it, and it had better be really beautiful because I want to hang it on my wall afterwards! So, no pressure, Tanja! :-)

Seriously, this picture makes me want to wear that dress on my wedding day, just so I can look more like the photo. Now I just need to find a lamp post...


  1. That IS a really beautiful wedding picture. :) Are you going to do your hair like that at all?

  2. Not really...I don't think it would hold! But down with loose curls will go better with my dress, anyway, I suppose!

  3. That *is* one seriously gorgeous photo. I might just have to copy that idea too!

  4. Feel free! Spread the Ginger love! :-)


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