26 August, 2008

Jewellery...decisions, decisions...

When it came to my wedding jewellery, I wasn't really sure what I wanted. But it didn't matter, because right after I got engaged my sister suggested I borrow an old necklace she had been given by her mother-in-law. At that point I was so frazzled by how much everything was costing (the first month of engagement sure is an eye-opener) so I jumped at the idea of a free necklace that could also double as my something borrowed! And no, I wouldn't have done it if I didn't actually like the necklace. But I did. It's really pretty:

So far so good, right? I even went out and bought long drop earrings that kind of matched the square setting of the diamonds (not real) in this necklace. I don't have a picture of those, but they look something like this, only square-cut:

Even further, even more good, right? Or so I thought. Until I started looking at wedding blogs and photography blogs, and came across THIS:

Otherwise known as the most beautiful necklace I have ever seen, it's a piece designed by the fabulous Erin Cole, and worn at her own wedding, which must tell you something about how much she liked it.

Now there is no way I could ever get hold of the actual Erin Cole necklace. First of all, I couldn't afford it. Second, I live in the wrong damn country. And third, there's no way I would ever buy something without trying it on first (though I have yet to try my sister's necklace with my dress, at least I know it looks good on my neck!). So my choices are:

(a)Wear my sister's dang necklace because it's really pretty anyway;

(b)Find a similar Erin Cole-knockoff;

(c)Go to a bead shop (and crystal shop) and attempt to recreate the thing with my own two not-so-crafty hands (this is desperation talking, people). But that would involve finding beads/ crystal pendants of a similar kind, and, well, we're pretty limited here at the arse-end of Africa.

So, basically, I'm screwed. Another option I had was to wear my sister's necklace at my wedding, and use the alleged, doesn't exist yet, Erin Cole knockoff for my engagement shoot. Because I still need a necklace for that too. But I can't find ANYthing I like!

Here are some pictures I found online that I like:

(only not green)

I'm seeing a trend here with the double strands, what do you think? But I don't like ANY of them nearly as much as The Erin Cole. Boo, hiss. :-(

Two months to go and I'm still freaking out over my jewellery! Am I a Bad Bride?


  1. noooooooooo you're not a bad bride. I had a *very* simple pearl drop necklace that I bought at the same time as my engagement ring and decided to wear it. Now, I want jewelry SO BAD I can taste it! But it's just not in the budget even a little bit.

    *boo hissss* indeed!

  2. How set are you on having something EXACTLY like this? Have you thought about commissioning a piece off of Etsy?

  3. Budget-wise...um. Also, I'm not sure if (a) most sellers post to Africa, and (b) if I would trust the postal system if they did. Our postal workers are thieving bastards.

    I did buy another necklace for my e-shoot; I'm going to try them both with my dress and wear whichever one loks best. Pity about the Erin Cole, but these things happen. You can't get or afford everything you want!


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