22 August, 2008

Photographer of the Day

Yes...you read right. After reading my friend Blogstalkerazzi's blog, and her wonderful insights into photography, I thought that perhaps once a week, I should feature a photographer more prominently than just one photo. And what better day than Friday...Photography Friday...it's so alliterative. And ever-so-slightly-stolen from Jessica.

The talented Tomas Flint was kind enough to drop by and comment on my blog earlier today, so he gets the first mention! I've already posted one of his photos before, my all-time favourite hanging dress shot:

And here are a few more of his gorgeous photos:

Firstly, I love the way his pictures don't all look the same. Look at the three "hanging dress" shots - all completely, 100% different. I love the one with the guests grabbing their escort cards - such a great sense of motion. And the one with the bride wiping away her tears is just a beautiful capture of emotion. I think my favourite (aside from the first dress shot) is the one of the couple leaving in their car - it's just so beautifully framed, the sepia was a great choice for the almost nostalgic feel to the photo (they are leaving, after all) and their expressions are perfect.

You can find Tomas's blog here and his main website here.


  1. Glad I could inspire! I'm loving that first dress shot.

  2. I know, I want to have a dress just like that, just so my photographer can replicate that shot! Unfortunately mine isn't that full at the bottom :-(


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