28 April, 2009

My third wedding

Here are some pics from my third and most recent wedding. This one was at Avianto.

Bear with me; this sword is going to make a lot of appearances in this post. And I love swords. They're so swashbuckly :-)

Perfecting the "Blue Steel" gaze...

Mark offered his sword to Cheryl in a very gallant, "white knight" scenario during the ceremony. Aw.

I HAD to use the sword as a prop to get a great "ring shot"!

I fell in love with this lavender field:

What a nicely-timed butterfly:

Cheryl wanted a shot of her pretending to slay Mark. They were such fun!

And the sword appears for cake-cutting again...

Aha! A cake smash! Whoohoo!

She loved it really:

During the reception we pulled Mark and Cheryl out for some sunset shots:

Lovely. Congratulations, Cheryl & Mark, and thanks for being fun and willing to do anything!


  1. Ruby, I am blown away by how good these are. I sincerely think you've found your calling.

  2. Beautiful!!

    And my new favourite word is officially "swashbuckly"

  3. Cute couple, super shots. You're rocking it Ruby!

  4. Thanks, guys. Sarah - I really hope I have, but I need so much more practise and it's hard to find!

    Swashbuckly IS a good word :-)

  5. are you basically just living with your camera around your neck now? hehe Have you offered to do portraits of your family and stuff? I know *nothing* about photography of course, but I imagine the more you do the better you get, right?

  6. I'm going to do a couple shoot of my parents! I must ask my sister too. Unfortunately that's all the family I have. My cousins live overseas.


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