16 April, 2009


The nerves have hit again. I have my next wedding to shoot tomorrow, and apparently I am doomed to spend every day before a wedding running around in fits of agitation and listlessness. I even feel like cleaning, just to do something. Hmm, actually, that's a good thing. I never feel like cleaning! Onward and upward, kitchen floor, bathroom floor, dishes, ironing and excessive tidying up!

Let's not get carried away. I'll probably be tired after the first floor.

So tomorrow's wedding is a semi-destination one, which means that Tanja and I will be sleeping over there. Man, I hope they have a good breakfast. I love hotel breakfasts. :-) Especially if they have tons of cut fruit. Om nom nom.

I realised that because I've been posting my own photos, this is no reason to stop my "Photo of the Day" series. So here's one from Stephanie Williams. It's a fashion shoot, not an actual wedding, but this picture might be the loveliest "bridal" I have ever seen in my life. I want to frame it, except that would be a bit...weird.


  1. Good luck on your second wedding shoot! I'm so happy for you.

    I like that picture a lot too. It's very classy and elegant. The head/hairpiece (whatever the right word would be) is really nice!

  2. I can't wait to see more of YOUR wedding photos!! The ones you took!!

  3. Thanks guys! Coming soon to a blog near you...this actual blog, in fact. :-)


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