15 April, 2009

My first wedding!

Firstly, I need a new, proper photography blog. I'm in the process of organising it! I've asked Mr Ruby Slippers to design my logo (because he has art skillz), but he's having a bad time at work so I'm not rushing him. Why is it that one of us always has a miserable job? I just got out of mine, and now his has morphed into manager of shit at company McCrap. Anyway. I'm not in the hugest rush to get my own photography site because I am in no way ready to start advertising my skills as a solo photographer (I'm still a fledgling learning to fly), so I figured I'd put some photos from Saturday up here. Be gentle :-) I know full well that this is nowhere near where I want to be as a photographer. But we have to start somewhere.

Katlego was such a beautiful bride who made my job so easy. Put it this way: we saw her before she had her make-up on and I thought she already had.

The guys were such fun. The guy on the right looks uncomfortable because he didn't have his cufflinks so he couldn't pose properly. Oops.

Look at her eyes in the shot. Could she BE more excited?

Sweet moment between Katlego and her Maid of Honour after the service.

Thanks, Tanja, for letting my second shoot my first wedding with you! And thanks to the bridal party for being so awesome and to the Moon & Sixpence for being just as fabulous on Saturday as you were last year on my big day.


  1. RS!! I love these photos, seriously. You did such an amazing job; you should be proud of yourself. My favourite is the one of the groomsmen where all their arms are crossed and I also really like the one of the bride as her and her father (I assume) are walking in. Great work!

    Sorry to hear about Mr. RS's job though..no good. Hope everything gets better for him soon.

  2. Ruby! These are so so so amazing. Wow. I'm blown away that this is your first time wandering around shooting a wedding. You captured so many great moments, and I love all the angles you used while shooting the groomsmen. Favorite images include the one of the bride walking with the flower girl in front, the one of the groomsmen with their arms crossed, and the b&w of the bride and groom. You are going to do so great, I can already tell!

  3. Thank you so much, Jess & Jenna! You're really sweet. I like hearing what everyone's favourites are too!

    Jenna, I spent a lot of time trying to capture sweet looks and stolen kisses and excited hugs between people, because that stuff really shows the emotion of the day. They didn't all turn out, but hey, I got some cuties. :-)

  4. My favorite is the one of the entire bridal party in black and whites! You did a fabulous job!! :D

  5. what a gorgeous wedding party! you did a beautiful job!!


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