25 April, 2009

Photographer Friday: Junshien Lau

So I've been sucking at posting lately. Sorry, everyone (especially Sarah, who called me on it! :P) I guess, now that the wedding's over, sometimes it's just hard to come up with something to say. But I can always continue featuring my favourite photographers till I come up with something I can talk about it! So here, one day late, is Photographer Friday (now retitled in my head as : Can I BE this photographer, please?)

Today I'm featuring Junshien Lau. My favourite photos are ones that really POP with colour, and boy, does he deliver that for me!

The groom's face in this next one just cracks me up:



  1. Gorgeous! I love it!! Thanks RS! :) I probably need to find another method of blog stalking other than just going to every site I like individually. hehe

  2. Heheee. I have two words for you, Sarah: Google Reader! It's a blogstalker's best friend.

  3. It is indeed, because your photos rock!


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