20 April, 2009

My second wedding

Early on Friday morning, Tanja (for whom I was 2nd shooting) and I trekked out to the game lodge of Zebula, near(ish) Warmbaths, for the wedding of Jerry and Patricia. Typically we got there much earlier than we needed to be, but at least that gave us time to check into our awesome digs and look around the property. Later I'll show you some animal snaps I got, but for now, here's the wedding:

Our winter skies just slay me:

Yes, yes, I said no animal pictures, but while we were waiting for Patricia to arrive this awesome zebra turned up to see what was going on. Unfortunately I frightened him away with my scary camera. I love the way he just strolled across the golf course!

If only everyone could leave the ground simultaneously:

This setting sun rocked my world, which is why there are so many pictures of it!

I could die from gorgeousness overload.


  1. Gorgeous!! That sky is amazing.

    I love that you live in a place where zebras just randomly stroll by. So awesome!!

  2. Is the sun always that huge? I'm in love. I think my favorite is the one of her looking back at him near the pond. Lovely.

  3. Those flare shots of the couple are amazing! You're rocking this!!

  4. Those flare shots are awesome!! You're rocking this! :)

  5. Jess- Well, we were on a game lodge, but even then it was pretty fun how close the animals came! There were some buck strolling around the golf course too, and we saw the darlingest warthogs at one point - but we were driving so I didn't get a pic.

    Jenna - I think the huge sun in the last few pics isn't normal...must be some clever effect of my aperture or something! I wouldn't say it's normally that big!

    Nala - Thanks hon!

    Thank you all for your kind words and sweet comments, too :-)

  6. What happened to our photos of the day and such? I miss your posts! ;)

  7. Hi Sarah - sorry; I've just been running out of inspiration on what to post anymore! I can still do photos of the day, though - I never run out of yummy pictures :-)

  8. That would be crazy to have a zebra just strolling about at your wedding. Hee. Beautiful shots.


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