08 July, 2008

Birdcage or childhood dream?

Now 'fess up: I know I'm not the only one who used to stand in front of a window and pretend the net curtains were a wedding veil. My mother's bedroom had a perfectly positioned mirror where I could do this and see only myself and the veil, and not the fact that said veil was still attached to the curtain rail!

Ok, I was eight. But I always knew I wanted a long, flowing veil, just like those curtains, only less, well, curtain-like.

Today I stood in front of that same mirror in my wedding dress, twenty-one years older, but still with that same dream. A veil that can envelop and cocoon me, flow behind me in the wind, and swish behind me as I walk up the aisle to marry the man of my dreams. *Sigh* A dream only exacerbated by pictures like these:

Ok, can you say WOW? Seriously, I WANT this.

But then I started planning a vintage Old Hollywood feel to my wedding. And suddenly, everywhere I looked, THIS started cropping up:

(Via VintageGlam's knottie bio)

Image Source

Image Source

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Birdcage Veil. Elegant, sophisticated, vintage, glamorous, and so old Hollywood I could just scream.

So NOW what do I do? The flowing white classic childhood dream, or the sleek, elegant classic film star look?


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