05 July, 2008

Yummy Collage Goodness

So instead of blogging yesterday, I spent the whole day playing around on Polyvore. Weddingbee and Minted are running a DREAM WEDDING competition in conjunction with Polyvore, where you create an inspiration board for your dream wedding, using at least one item from Minted's stationery selection. You can win a whole lot of stationery from them - a bit pointless for me, since I'm in the process of printing mine even as we speak (yeah, ok, next week or something, but it's close enough), but it was fun to do and wasted a whole lot of time...

So these are the two I came up with:



I have to say, quite honestly, I'm not that impressed with Polyvore's functionality. They say you can just add, drop and drag, but more than half the pictures I tried to add got distorted or huge chunks went missing, and I couldn't find an explanation for this in their help tutorial. So I had to make do with pictures that really weren't my first choice for both these collages (hence the repetition of the girl with the pretty hairclip). Still, I think they turned out well. What do you think?

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