03 July, 2008

The Hunt for the Perfect Venue: A New Hope

So...on with the hunt for the perfect venue! Our epic voyage of discovery (that is, discovering what we DIDN'T like about venues) finally came to its conclusion when we discovered what we DID like. And what we liked was a rustic but elegant charm, sweeping green lawns, cool leafy pathways, a myriad of winding streams and ponds, and a chapel with stained glass windows and candle chandeliers. What we liked was The Moon & Sixpence.

I have to admit I was halfway sold just on the name! I mean, who wouldn't want to get married at a place with such a darling name? But the venue itself did the rest of the selling. As I mentioned before, we wanted a venue that had three things in one place: a chapel, reception hall and beautiful gardens for photos. And The Moon & Sixpence delivers!

The Chapel:

The Reception Hall:

Dont you just LOVE those wrought-iron chairs? They were yet another detail that sold me on the venue, because a pet-hate of mine is those awful white chair covers that so many wedding venues seem to use. No offence to anyone who had them, but I think they look like ugly sad ghosts.

Continuing to The Gardens:

And when you leave, this is the beautiful gate you see. Seriously, I want to steal this gate and take it home with me. It's bigger than my house, but still.

So that's the venue! I think it will make for some absolutely gorgeously fantastically stunning photographs! Which, we all know, is the whole point of my getting married. Don't worry, I'm just being facetious. I know I get to wear The Dress too.


  1. Wow, that is soooo pretty. I'm really jealous! Congrats on the great find!

  2. Hey Sarah!You followed me here! Yay!


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