26 July, 2008

The Great Invitation Assembly Line, Part 2: "Don't Eat That!"

When I last left you, I'd described in painstaking, mind-numbing detail all the epic organisation we had to go through to get to the day when we could actually create something out of it! And here we were! Done on the same day as my great heart-stopping damask chop, we got that out of the way, had lunch, and then proceeded not to eat the dessert-like goodness that was laid out in front of us.

So without further ado, here are the invitations that caused us so much hair-tearing:

The invitations, three per awesome gold page.

The beginning of the cutting. Sister Ruby Slippers and Best Friend-Ruby slippers were put on gold-cutting duty...

While I got to slice gold tinfoil into slab-wrappable-sized pieces. I only messed up a few... you know, five or six. Out of forty-eight.

Mr Slippers got artistic and took this photo of the resulting tower of tinfoil.

In the meantime, I had my Mom cut up the Wonka wrappers for the outside. Here we are all as busy as bees!

The resulting invitation. Our Actual Wedding Invitation! I love it; it's so cute and quirky!

Now, open up the tubs containg forty-eight painstakingly hand-crafted slabs of chocolate...

Place the slab gently onto the gold foil, and place the golden ticket even more gently onto the slab...

And wrap the foil around them.

Resulting in a lovely pile of gold-wrapped yumminess, which no one even tried to eat! Even me! There's a good shot of Mr RS's Wonka Wrappers too.

Now take said Wonka wrapper, wrap it around the tinfoiled slab, and stick it together at the back.

And voila! Wonka's whipplescrumptiousfudgemallowdelights for everyone!

Mmmm...big pile of chocolate...with golden wedding awesomeness inside!

And now for the final embellishments! Plus we needed something to attach people's names to - because, obviously, these little babies are hand-deliver only.

Take a surprisingly long piece of black satin ribbon...

Insert one silly sister and Wonka slab...

Be somewhat over-excited about the fact that it goes around the slab (ok, I don't know WHY I look so thrilled!)

And another voila! Elegant black finishing-touches, ready to attach namecards to. (Which we didn't do, because in the epic mission at idiot printers, there wasn't time).

And here they all are! I'm so excited at how fun and beautiful they turned out!

Can I just say that I really hope people KNOW what the heck these are? Or all that melting-chocolate-dealing-with-idiot-printers fun will have been, you know, for NOTHING. I'm a little worried that the older generation might not be Roald Dahl-clued up. What do you think?


  1. I think they look beautiful! Your near-herculean effort was not for naught! ;)

  2. I think your invites are *amazing* - so creative and fun. And the older generation will definitely get it.

  3. These are freakin fantastic. I have to blog these.


  4. Thank you so much, guys! It really was a labour of love.

  5. Springcart, go right ahead! Though if it brings people to my blog I might have to be better about updating it...:-)

  6. I'd seen photos of these floating around the blogosphere and I didn't realize they were yours until now! How are you able to hand deliver every single one of your invitations?

  7. Hey Jenna! I wonder where these have ended up - I wish they would let me know! :-) It's kind of fun that they are floating out there doing there own thing...

    Actually we are pretty lucky in that nearly all the invitees live in the same city as us. My mom is going to hand out to her friends and the relatives she sees more, and we are just posting the ticket folded in the wrapper to my cousins in Durban and Mr RS's uncle in Botswana. My cousin was visiting from the UK last month so I made hers early. Everyone else is right here.


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