21 July, 2008

Look what iiiiiiiiiiiiii got!

I'll give you a hint.

Oh, am I too obvious?

Yup, you guessed it - I FINALLY found damask for my table runners! Whoohoooooooo!

Here it is laid out on the edge of my bed. What a great pattern, right? And though you can't tell, the black part is flocked (ie velvety), giving it a wonderful luxurious texture. Mmmm.

So on Sunday when we had our great invitation assembly line (more on that story later) at Mom and Dad Ruby Slippers' house, I laid it out on their dining room table and cut it into strips, using only the pattern and my own wits to guide me...

Sister Ruby Slippers, Best Friend Slippers and Mom Slippers look on in horror and amazement as uncoordinated little me slices into yummy damask goodness...

"This isn't so hard!" (Best Friend RS and Mom RS seem to be enjoying it, anyway!)

Turns out my arms aren't as long as an eight-seater dining room table...Sister RS is deep in thought trying to solve this puzzle...

Ah, what the heck, I'll just jump on the table and do it that way! Check out my Dad in the background taking pictures of me with my butt in the air!

Deep concentration is so attractive. :-) And my highlights totally need redoing!

So there you have it. I've left them there with lovely Mom Slippers and her slightly iffy sewing machine, to be transformed into the yummy wedding goodness that you saw in the first two pictures. And there's even enough left for the cake table, if I can find out how big that is!

Do you think I'm asking too much in hoping that they won't be too damaged after the wedding so that I can sew them together and make curtains for our new house? Because talk about reuseable practicality!

Man, I love damask.


  1. Yay for damask! They look great! I still haven't hemmed more than one of mine. I need to get started on those things.

  2. This is why I'm getting my mother to do it...!

  3. Everything looks really beautiful! It's even in the colours you wanted! I love it when the details fall together like that!

  4. I love it! May I ask where you purchased you fabric from? I already bought the Dandy Damask but I love your damask so much.

  5. This won't help unless you live in South Africa - I bought it in a curtain shop (it's curtain fabric really) in an Indian mall called The Oriental Plaza in Johannesburg...

  6. I love damask too. In my fantasy other wedding, we go damask.


    (I love my theme too!)


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