15 July, 2008

Hey Mr DJ

So tonight we met our DJ for the first time. He managed to arrive extremely early, which meant that I was still cooking (read as: warming up last night's schnitzel and microwaving two potatoes) and so I was therefore a tad frazzled. However, he seemed nice and at least he wasn't late (I abhor lateness), so we sat down with his massive folder of cds and started chatting about what we wanted.

Well, what we wanted and what HE wanted turned out to be two entirely different things. My idea of great music is show tunes, but I had already promised Mr Slippers that I wouldn't be inflicting that on people. Everything else I like is basically oldies (which will be played during dinner and mingling), alternative, rock, punk, fun 80's choons, and some generic pop. Mr DJ, however, had the idea that no party is complete without dance, house, trance, doof doof, club remixes, R & B and rap. Um, how do I put this?




So then followed the awkward part, where he has clearly decided I'm just a silly little girl, and therefore must be treated with care and condescension. So basically he said of course he will play what I want, but people want to hear some "proper" dance tunes, so if they don't dance, then it's my own fault (ok, he didn't put it like that at all, but it's what he was thinking). And I'm thinking that just because you like one type of music and I like another, doesn't make yours "proper" and mine not. (Actually I think it's the other way around, but I would never say that to a client!) Anyway, I seriously doubt my friends are going to want to listen to doof doof particularly. That's why they're my friends; we have stuff in COMMON.

Anyway, who doesn't want to dance to 500 Miles, Come on Eileen, Nellie the Elephant and Bad Moon Rising?

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I just hope he plays what we want in the end. Ok, so I told him that if the dance floor clears during one of my choices, he can axe it and its kind. But I think I selected some really great, fun songs, with a blend of eras to satisfy everybody there. I just decided that Rihanna, Beyonce, Usher, 50 cent, Jay-Z, hiphop, rap and R & B should not feature. Surely there's enough OTHER music that we won't run out without having to play stuff that usually makes me switch off the radio and wipe the blood from my ears?

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