29 October, 2008

Stupid storms

Well, we are having a big lightning storm every evening now, which means no blogging from me! Right now there's a lull, but I fully expect it to be back in a few minutes. I also fully expect thyere to be one on Friday night. Hmm. Every weather site is giving me different information - some say sunny, no clouds and some say 30% chance of rain, so I guess we'll just take what life throws at us!

This is what I took from Accuweather.com this morning. I have a feeling they're full of crap, though, since they had "partly cloudy" for tonight, and it's clearly bucketing down outside. But I like their Friday prediction nonetheless. :-)

Ok, hands up everyone who knew that getting french-tipped nails took 2 and a half hours. Oh, look, all perfectly manicured. Well, I did NOT know this, so thank goodness I went tonight instead of tomorrow! I'd have been freaking out if I was still there at 8pm on the eve of my wedding in, by the way, an extremely dodgy neighbourhood. Some Nigerian drug dealers tried to flag me down when I slowed down at my sister's friend's gate. I drove off and phoned her to tell her to open her gate so I could just pull straight in. She arrived there with four dogs, including a mastiff as tall as my chest. I can see why she needs him.

We had a mini rehearsal last night. Just the parents and bridal party. I'm glad we did, because everyone had a TON of questions about where to go, when to do stuff and where to stand. I hope we covered everything! We read our vows for the first time EVER. I could not look at Mr Slippers at all, or I would have burst into choky tears. That kind of defeats the point of vowing to love him forever if I can't even look at him, but hey, a girl's gotta keep dry somehow. Opinion was divided on whether or not we should read them or learn them by heart, but I'm damn well reading them! That is not an added stress I need right now.

I have Bride Brain (def: a sieve). I left today to go print the menus and table listings. Halfway there I realised I'd forgotten the cardboard I was to print on. I turned around, went home and got it. (Actually I went upstairs, patted my cat, Gollum, grabbed some water, went outside, locked the door, realised I still didn't have the cardboard, unlocked and went back inside). Got to the print shop and discovered I hadn't embedded the fonts in the documents, so they were all Arial. Yuck. Back I went home again. Returned finally, printed the stupid things, had the lady there slice them up so I wouldn't have to, got into my car, realised I had no food for supper, hurried back to the supermarket and then came home.

Attempted to breathe.

I then had to pop downstairs for my makeup trial with my landlady. This is the pic I gave her:

And although we didn't get a photo (I had to rush off because I was late for the dang nails) I think she did a beautiful job! I'm very pleased. So thank you to whoever this is and posted it on Project Wedding!

After I got home from the nail experience (first time on my life wearing false nails!) I packed stuff into boxes and crossed them off my list of stuff to take, or for my parents to take. So now instead of saying "Take the cake topper, menus, six candles with bling, baby photos and guestbook", I can just say "Take that box marked "Reception - general"."

Tomorrow I need to draw up a big plan of all the tables, go through my to do and to take list, and then - HOPEFULLY - I'm ready. Oh, and I have to watch Father of the Bride. I've been promising myself that for ages.

I'll try blog tomorrow....

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