11 March, 2009

Kitty portraits

My favourite test subject for my new DSLR is my cat, Gollum. After the first few days of getting freaked out by me sticking a big black thing in his face, he settled down and relaxed in front of it. Now he's the perfect (kitty) guinea pig to test out lighting settings and focus and whatnot. Plus he moves a lot. Good for shutter speed. :-)

I didn't edit these because I wanted to see how good I could be Straight Out Of Camera, but I did change this one to b & w on the camera's retouch menu. I love his expression here! "Something's coming at me and I'm suspicious!"

EXTREME CLOSE-UP! If you look closely you can see me in his right eye (that's the one on the left):

This was too awesome to pass up! He was licking himself when he got startled by a noise outside, and forgot to put his tongue away. I got a ton of these tongue shots; I swear he had it out for at least 3o seconds before he remembered his manners!

Three quarters of the photos on my camera are Gollum. He's so photogenic ;-) And much more interesting than flowers and ivy leaves.

Yes, I do think my cat's tongue is cute:

The Mom shot! Haha:
I don't know if they're great photos, but his cuteness makes up for that! Um. I guess. :-)


  1. I think these are great photos! What a good subject to practice on. Such a cute kitty!! Having a nice camera must make all the difference.

    I'm seriously so glad that you're doing something you enjoy right now. And so glad that you're sharing the photos with us.

  2. He is such a lovely boy! Cats are so fun to photograph. Though mine hardly ever cooperate! Have fun practicing :)

  3. the extreme closeup pic is amazing. lots of great color and the angle is different. :) good luck in future photography endeavors!


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