02 March, 2009

Down the Yellow Brick Road Part XV: Couple Shoot (the second)

The last few from the couple shoot!

One I missed before from the hillside shots. This one hasn't been photoshopped at all - I added the sky colour in the other ones.

We did a little thing where I ran towards Mr Ruby Slippers, but I looked kind of dumb in some of them, so I'm just posting one!

Kissing on a chair in a little garden:

Same thing from a different angle. I love the flowers here!

The obligatory ring shot:

Leading me down the garden path....

I love the way the trees frame us here:

Under the archway outside the chapel. Yes, the sun is real - so pretty!

I love how the light edges our faces here:

There's something lovely about foreheads touching, and staring into each other's eyes...

And that's it for now! Up next: The Reception....but I'm still waiting for those photos. Soon, I promise! (I hope).

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  1. Love your pictures, as always! I know I've mentioned this before - but it needs to be said again! You totally made the right choice by picking a long veil. It really adds a lot to the pictures. I never thought I would like long veils before...you've changed my mind.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS! That megawatt smile again... so beautiful.

  3. Thanks Jess! If I can help somebody choose a long veil...then my hard work aint been in vain for nothing! (100 bloggie points if you can tell me what movie that is from!)

    Redframe - you're so sweet. ;-)

  4. You look so gorgeous. I agree with Jess, the long veil adds something to the pictures.

  5. I love you, Jess :-) So much that I'll give you a million bloggie points! (or Zimbabwe dollars, if you prefer).

    Words cannot express how much I adore that movie.

  6. I'll take either....I love that movie too. Embarrassing fact - I used to have a poster of that movie in my room when I was younger and I would actually kiss it before I went to sleep. Most girls kissed their New Kids on the Block posters. Not me.

    Hey, I wanted to send you my article and I thought I had your address but it keeps bouncing back to me. Can you re-send your email to me? (jest_teatales@hotmail.com)

  7. I love the one on the bench with the flowers. I hope my photos turn out as lovely as yours!

    There is something to a long, lovely veil, eh?


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