15 March, 2009

Some photos I took this week

On Saturday I swung by my parents' house to try out my new DSLR on their garden and dogs! I really miss those doggies, because they were partially mine when I lived there in the good old days before the awesome days of Mr Ruby Slippers. We can't have dogs where we live, which is why my cat is everything to me, but I really miss the licky, bouncy, happy dogginess of dogs!

The first thing I saw when I arrived at the front steps was this fantastic locust (grasshopper? Who knows. But he was AWESOME.) I've never seen such an interesting one before, so I took about twenty photos of him. I think he was a bit old and sickly, because he didn't try to get away.

This wasn't working for me, so I picked him up and got some shots on my hand. He was all gnarled like a tree-trunk - sooo cool!

Then I got going on the dogs! Meet Juliet, who knows how cute she is:

And Carmen, who actually wasn't "mine", since my parents only got her after I'd left. Last year she went missing for twelve days, but someone found her and handed her over to the animal shelter. I was so happy, because she really is a sweet little dog:

I caught Juliet mid-yawn:

The third dog is Tosca, who doesn't like her photo being taken. Probably because she's not a show-off like the other two. She hid in the plants but I got a few shots of her:

Loving this one! It's like one of those greeting cards where the dog's head is bigger than its body. I don't have a wide-angle lens or anything, so I don't know how I got this!

Doesn't she remind you of Eddie from Frasier? And yes, I know my foot is in there! These are all SOOC.

The whole time I was there I tried to get the three of them into one shot. This was the only one I managed. At least two thirds of them are looking at the camera! Damn shy Tosca.

Then I saw this flower covered in ants and teeny bugs:

And I love how this blue daisy just seems to be floating. I got a little bug on there too!

And we're back to ring shots. I lurve how this came out. This is actually back at my house, in a plant in a pot outside my door!

Fun fun fun.


  1. Love that old grasshopper! Isn't using macro the funnest?

  2. that locust is bigger than any grasshopper (or INSECT for that matter!!) THAT I have ever seen!! EWWW!!

  3. that locust is bigger than grasshopper (or insect for that matter!!) that I have ever seen!! EWWW!!

  4. Jenna: Actually I don't have a macro lens, so everything is just taking with my boring old 18-55 at this point...

    Nala: You haven't seen the oversized crickets which we Johannesburgers call Parktown Prawns. Look here:

    This is NOT something you want to find in your house, because they jump. AT YOU. Shudder.

  5. That first bug is crazy! Never seen anything like that.

    Such cute puppies, too. I love that Tosca was shy. Maybe you'll just have to talk more pictures of her and she'll discover his inner diva!

    PS Loved the programs in your last post!! How creative and hilarious!

  6. Thanks, Jess. Oh and Tosca is nine years old now, so I think she's set in her shy ways. She just won't look at the camera, and if you get too close she hauls herself to her arthritic legs and goes away.


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