15 March, 2009

Down the Yellow Brick Road Part XVI: Details - Programs

Details, details, details! I'm going to start sharing them with you now. First up, our programs! I already showed you some of the pictures Mr RS photoshopped for them, but here is the finished product!

The cover, as held on the wedding day by Groomsman Andrew:

The inside spreads. I'm hoping you can read the blurbs if you click on the pictures to enlarge them:

I'm really pleased with how these came out! They're so us! So full of movies and quirky comments and just plain fun. I'm really glad Mr Ruby Slippers thought of this, and didn't let me go ahead with my simple, elegant but not so individual programs.

I hope the guests had fun reading them while I was running late outside. Here's a shot taken by a friend of mine, of everyone busily reading the programs in the chapel. They don't look too mirthful, but I'm hoping they were at some point :-)

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  1. i came to your blog via cake wrecks, and i am glad to have found it. we are also planning a 'movie theme' wedding and it's nice to know we're not the only movie geeks who are doing this. your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and i hope our big day turns out as nicely as yours did...minus the funny-looking cake ;]

  2. Oh, we are SUCH movie geeks! I hope your movie theme comes out beautifully.

  3. These are so wonderful! You touched on warm, funny and inspiring things that your family & friends have taught you/inspired you and how you inspired each other. Simply terrific!

    I love seeing 3 of my favs in the border: Singing in the Rain, What's Up Doc? and Judy in A Star is Born.

    Sue KuKu

  4. Katharine...KatieMay 15, 2009 12:40 AM

    I came to your blog from cake wrecks also. Just wanted to say I love your photos, you had a beautiful wedding! I also love how you handled some of the small annoyances of your wedding, like your flowers and cake! Oh and I have to like you since we both have the best name! Katharine rocks...I was named after Ms. Hepburn!

  5. I found my way here through Cake Wrecks as well... I really like the wedding programs with the people's faces 'shopped onto the movie shots!

  6. I also found my way to your blog from Cake Wrecks.
    First of all; Congratulations!
    The wedding looks like it was absolutely beautiful!


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