16 March, 2009

Down the Yellow Brick Road Part XVII: Details - Reception

Here it is, folks! The reception hall at The Moon & Sixpence, all gussied up for a night out at Mr and Mrs Ruby Slippers' wedding.

The main table. Loving my damask runners! I hung this one forward so it was more noticeable:

A close-up of the main table. Because we couldn't decide on a classic actor or actress to name the main table after, we used one of our classic engagement shots.

A close-up of the candle bling I created to dress up the main table a bit:

Another angle. I also love that the petals spilled over onto the floor:

The table flowers. I'm posting a LOT of these because I love how they came out. Granted, the vases were much bigger than I'd wanted, and created quite a mission at the end of the evening to disassemble, but they looked gorgeous:

Our Oscar favours!

Table views! Yup, posting a lot of these too.

Charlie Chaplin:

Cary (deliciousness) Grant:

Getting creative through the chair with the fabulous Judy Garland:

The iconic Katharine Hepburn:

The fabulous Ginger Rogers:

Ok, I'll stop now. The other tables were Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis.

Oh look, more flowers:

Hanging table-listings just outside the entrance. I'm so pleased with how these came out. I worked on them for bloody ages! As you can see, I used the same photos as the ones on the tables on the one side, and had the list in a damask border on the other.

We used a different shot from our engagement shoot for the head table listing, though:

The menu, with the same damask border:

I love the mirror bases I rented!

This is the guest book table. We decided to use our baby pics for the heck of it! How cute were we??? (Yes, I had red hair).

A nighttime shot (all the others were taken right after the set up, before the ceremony, but this is what the hall actually looked like to us):

Our starter! The rest of the food was buffet, so it didn't look to exciting on a plate, which is why, I guess, there are no pictures of it! This was a biltong and peppadew tartlet (sounds bizarre, but it was actually the yummiest starter we tried). The vegetarians got versions sans biltong.

The flowers lit for the night. I'm glad the staff at M & S organised this sort of thing!

The outside of the hall. I'm glad we had extra candles to line the steps - it looked so romantic!

I'm actually very pleased with how it all turned out! Hard work paying off, etc etc. :-)

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  1. I love all the personal details! Your hard work definitely paid off!
    Beautiful venue.

  2. I LOVE the old-time Oscars theme! You were very creative choosing that, and your details were absolutely perfect. Gorgeous!

  3. What is floating on the top of you centerpieces?

  4. Thanks! Anon - it's little balls of candlewax. Later they all melted together...looked really nice though it wasn't actually what I envisioned to begin with!

  5. Awesome, I was trying to figure out something neat to do with mine... I may just hi-jack your idea :-) (I also came over from cakewrecks, and i am the anon above)

  6. What's the name of the fabric that you used? I have white table cloths too at my venue and I really would prefer for the white in the fabric to be pretty close to the white of the table linens..THANKS..yummyjack@gmail.com

  7. Hi! I wandered over here from Cake Wrecks and got sucked into the bliss of your wedding (it's 2am here and I really should be sleeping instead of reading blogs - ah well). Reading all of the entries brought back my wedding (especially the parts about being frantic with all the things you made for it - been there, done that - and being ridiculously happy on the day of - been there, done that too!). Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing - I really enjoyed reading through all the entries and seeing all the photos.

    P.S. With the exception of the cake that brought me here in the first place, everything was absolutely stunning! My very best wishes to the two of you. :)

  8. Thank you so much! I can't believe anyone is still coming over from Cake Wrecks after nearly a year, but you're most welcome!


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