21 March, 2009

More of my photos

Welcome back to "some random photos I took this week!" They really are quite random, but I like 'em! And in fact, the first two aren't random. They were for my first assignment at my Photography Class! The assignment was basically centred around shooting under artificial light, and using different white balances to see what we came up with. They also obviously wanted us to be a bit creative and interesting. We had to take twelve different pictures of each composition with different shutter speeds and light balances (keeping the ISO and aperture constant). I won't bore you with all twelve pics of each scene, but here are the two I liked best.

The pyramid ceiling at a mall near my house. A security guard came to kick us out so I took these in a hurry, which meant I didn't have quite the angle I wanted. Ironically the course lecturer told me this one had good composition. I wonder if he would have liked the version I actually meant to get more or less?

Yeah...I like food. Especially when it's chocolate. Mmm, smarties. I decided on this close-up to contrast with the wide scene of the ceiling.

Then I ate them all.

I'm quite pleased with my efforts, though this other girl had an awesome shot with a plant and a garden light that made me jealous :-)

Now for the random! My landlady has this cool mosaic mirror outside her office. I used it to play with focus. This is what happens when you focus on the mirror...

And this is what happens when you focus on the reflection in the mirror! Pretty cool, huh?

A little fly on a leaf...

Some fun pinky-red berries in the garden. Goodness knows what they are. Enid Blyton taught me never to eat unknown berries.

The landlord's car after the rain. I was practising depth of field (which is one of our assignments this week. I'll post it when I've done it!)

My first experiment with sun flare! I knew I loved it. Always a favourite in wedding photos...

A leaf of ivy after the rain. I have about a hundred of these photos. I just adore ivy.

Some fresh green plant outside. My landlords have a really nice garden! I just love how soft and NEW this looks:

And it wouldn't be a photo post without Golly McGollumson :-)

He's so precious. I just wish I had another cat to practise on. Preferably one that didn't leave me gifts like this in the bathroom:

I never found his tail.


  1. I love those mirror shots! All of your playing makes me want to get out and play myself right this second (but I'll wait a few hours and just go out and play with my e-shoot couple tonight :) )

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your photos! The mirror one was just so cool because it really plays with your mind but the wet car and sunlight through trees shots are truly amazing! Beautiful work -- I can't wait to see more!

  3. Jenna: Yah boo sucks to you, showoff! :P
    Amanda: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked em. :)

  4. Lovely images!!! I love the flare one! We must meet up soon! I'm in Kempton Park now :D

  5. Thanks Tanya! I'm going to FB message you now. We definitely must!

  6. I love these! My favourite is the leaf one..there's something about the details in that one that makes me happy! Nice work on all of them though.

    Uh...never found the tail, eh? Not so nice!

  7. Thanks, Jess. I amped up the curves in photoshop for the leaf one, and I also fixed up the flare one. The rest are SOOC, though.

    I think he must have eaten the tail...


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