26 March, 2009

Well, that's annoying...

Like many of you (or at least, many of you who stalk blogs like I do) I read all my blogs in Google Reader. It's just so much easier to click on the name and scroll through the post quickly without having to open a new window. Today, however, I discovered something annoying. In order to comment on a post you have to open it in a new window, and today there were two photo blogs I wanted to comment on. And that's when I saw it.
In both cases there were twice the number of photos on the actual blog website as were shown on Google Reader! After the first one (Andrea Carlyle) I just assumed it was her specific blog being weird, but when Punam Bean's blog did it too...
Have I been missing out on half the photos ALL THIS TIME??? Gah!

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  1. Well...at least now you know, I guess. Teaches you for blog creeping :)


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