11 March, 2009

Really late Valentine's Day

Because our point and shoot was stolen in January (thank you very much, dickheads who fixed our ceiling) I didn't have a camera on Valentine's Day to take a picture of the cute card Mr Ruby Slippers made me. It's inspired by Cyanide & Happiness. I love my husband's offbeat sense of humour. This is so much more "us" than a card full of roses and hearts (not that I would be upset if I got that, either).

The front:

I just love how pleased "I" look about the chocolate bit...Mwahaha! I am a bit nutty?

(PS - yes, I know my white balance was off. I couldn't be bothered to retake them!)

(PS2 - The "Mr F" thing is a bit of an in-joke...anyone know where it's from? I have high hopes after Jess identified my Singin' in the Rain quote!)


  1. That is very funny/offbeat. Made me laugh.
    The only thing I can think of in terms of Mr. F is that whole Arrested Development/Charlize Theron thing. She's from South Africa, right? So...that's my logic. I feel pressure to not disappoint you, so I hope I'm right :)

  2. Man, you're good. Yep, we love Arrested Development! Actually, oddly enough, the Charlize storyline was my least favourite thing over all 3 seasons. Go figure! So yes, she is S. African, but that's not why we liked the show or that bit! What I loved is the way there was always this little sung catchphrase played: "Mr F...." whenever the idea of Mr F was brought up, or you saw the bracelet Charlize wore.

  3. That's a great card. You guys should go into business as the anti-Halmark card answer.

  4. That card is funny and cute at the same time!

  5. Yah me! Ha. I love that show though and I really believe it was canceled long before it's time. There was so much potential for many, many more funny moments. I know what you mean about the little Mr. F song...I can just hear it in my head now.

    I'm just going to say it....I think you may be my South African twin. Too many things have confirmed this suspicion. All I need now is my own Mr. RS!! :)

  6. @Blablover - Good idea! Mr RS is the artistic one, though - he'd have to go it alone!

    @Jess:We must be! Separated at birth, flung to the far corners of the earth...my eyes well up just thinking about the dramatic possibilities. And then one day we both started blogging (of course) and the TRUTH CAME OUT!

    Going back to Arrested Development - it really pisses me off when they cancel awesome , different shows. I'm amazed 30 Rock is doing as well as it is, considering their history of cancelling cool stuff early on. Like Pushing Daisies. I heard they're doing an Arrested Development movie - I wonder how that'll turn out?


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