20 October, 2008

Our theatre programs

We printed a test run of our programs today. And, for once, something actually came out beautifully. I was fully expecting a gigantic screw-up, which is why I insisted on a test run. So now I can blog about them!

Originally I had no great aspirations for the programs. I was going to print them out at home, in black & white, with pretty damask borders and tie them with black satin ribbon. Simple and elegant. Then Mr Ruby Slippers, bless his heart, decided that we needed to go fancy-schmancy. We needed to build on our love of movies and do a whole movie-themed theatre-program-esque layout, complete with photos and blurbs and explanations of everything. This sounded awesome but expensive...but FMIL RS had recently offered to pay for "something", so we decided that this could be her something! And they're so frikkin COOL.

First up, I Mr Slippers and I each had to select our favourite 32 movies. This was incredibly hard for me, because together we own over 700 films, and I struggled to narrow them down (my favourite response, when asked to name my favourite film, is "In What Genre?"). But in the end I managed to select a few constant classics, and I put them together in a big collage. Mine are the four bottom rows, and Mr Ruby Slippers' are the top four rows. Look at the dark and cynical versus the light and fluffy! (Although I do love his taste in film; it was one of the first things that made me fancy him).

While I was doing this, Mr Slippers was being incredibly clever and practising his mad photoshop skilz. We had asked our bridal party and our parents what movie (or, failing that, what genre of movie) they would like to live in or be in. Then Mr Skilz proceeded to photoshop everyone into a poster or still from their movie choice. Some turned out better than others, but look at these awesome shots:

MISS RUBY SLIPPERS: A Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers Musical:

MR RUBY SLIPPERS: A Sci-fi Film Noir:

BEST FRIEND RUBY SLIPPERS: The Philadelphia Story:

SISTER RUBY SLIPPERS: Wearing a catsuit in a superhero movie:

BEST MAN RS: Indiana Jones:

GROOMSMAN RS: Austin Powers:

MOTHER OF THE BRIDE: An opluent, epic musical (we selected My Fair Lady):
(This is actually the only one I'm not happy with, but Mr RS won't change it because HE says it's fine).

FATHER OF THE BRIDE: A Cult Musical (in this case, The Rocky Horror Picture Show):


FATHER OF THE GROOM: The Hunt for Red October:

Seriously, this is so frikkin clever I could just marry the man. Oh wait, I am. :-)

This is an example of one of the inside spreads. I won't post the entire thing here now:

All I can say is, the guests had better love this as much as I do! Judging by the great reaction we received from our Wonka Chocolate invitations, people should really "get" this. (And we got to use an engagemt photo too!)

Funnily enough, the only negative reaction we had to the invitations was from the evil bitch who cancelled yesterday with her husband and brother-in-law. Iiiinteresting. If I had a beard, I would twirl it.


  1. Those sound really cool! I can't wait to see the whole thing. :)

  2. Absolutely amazing. I would guess nothing more from you - but seriously - so much fun!! I'd LOVE to be a part of your wedding party. How fun for them.


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