06 October, 2008

Classic Engagement Teaser

Knowing what a dedicated blogstalker I am, our fabulous photographer, Tanja Vogt, posted five teasers from Friday's classic engagement shoot today! All I can say is:

Oh. My. God.

First up, I do NOT generally photograph well. I always have this silly blank look, or I appear to have a hot potato in my mouth, or I just close my eyes at an inopportune moment and look vaguely drunk. But these turned out sooo spectacularly! Not only was it my dream to look like a 1940's film star (Veronica Lake, eat your heart out!), but I just really wanted fantastic photos of myself and Mr Ruby Slippers. Well, I have succeeded on both counts!

Ok, so Tanja has succeeded, really. Because no way do either of us look this good without some pretty impressive camera and editing skills. Seriously, WOW. We are both in awe. I'm already planning the matching picture frames.

Just so you get an idea, these are the pics I took to the hair and make up salon for inspiration:

Isn't Veronica Lake soooo gorgeous? Anyway, these are just the first five teasers, but this is what we got:
Holy sweet mother of awesomeness. Seriously. These could not BE any cooler.

We're not worthy, we're not worthy...


  1. Hi! I just found your blog today and I wanted to say very lovely engagement photos! You look tres chic! (I look that I will never be able to pull off.)
    Cheers :)

  2. OMG, so I know I said it in October brides, but OMG!!! I have been MIA over there (and here) but I wanted to let you know how much I adore your e-photos!! Can't wait to see the rest. : )


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