08 October, 2008

What now?

For weeks I've had this annoying, listless, "I don't know what to do now" feeling about the wedding. In fact, I really wanted it to be closer so that I could the heck ON with it and do the last minute stuff! Now it's 23 days away and that's beginning to look a little...scary.

What I really want to do is organise the table lists so that I can print all the place cards and table name listings for our hanging crystal lists. But I can't DO that because apparently we didn't invite enough people to our wedding, and in order for us to keep to our minimum of 70 (we couldn't get the venue without paying for 70 people) we have to create a B-list. Which, frankly, I didn't think was necessary to begin with because everyone has been saying All Frikkin Year that they would definitely be there, and when it comes to crunch time suddenly they have to go visit their son in Ireland or go organise their Italian pension or stay behind because their daughter has an exam that day. Blah, blah, whatever, all I care about is that you're not coming. And not only am I disappointed that you're not coming, I'm flipping out because I now have to find a replacement for you who is not going to be offended that they weren't invited first time round.

So far it's not going well. Three couples on the B-List have declined; not, I think, because they were offended and all "You didn't invite me originally so now I'm not coming, nyeh nyeh!", but because they genuinely can't make it. Because, you know, it's in TWENTY-THREE days. So we have one more couple and one single who need to confirm, and then I have noooo idea who to fall back on. I might have to delve into my facebook friends list and invite arbitrary people from high school, or something. :-(

This really sucks. I know I have a small family, but the fact that none of them (aside from my parents and sister, and one Aunt who is actually my Mom's cousin) are coming is a little sad. But I'll be damned if I'm paying for dinner for someone who isn't even there! I might have to ask the singles to drum up dates...because no matter what, we're paying for seventy people, so they might as well be there to eat it, even if we've never met them.

Sigh. Who knew it was this hard to get people to share in your joy and eat a free meal and have a fun party?


  1. Aw. Hugs.

    It'll work out. Seriously.

  2. sorry sweetie, that part stinks. I think asking singles to bring a date is a great idea. And hey, weddings make GREAT date nights! You'll get to snoop around in your friends' love lives! Because you're a married woman soon and need to start encouraging the others! ;)

  3. Can I come? : ) Wish I could... I am sorry about the lame family issues...
    dates are a great idea though...

  4. Thanks, guys. If you all wanna come all the way to South Africa, you're totally welcome! Sarah & Katie, you can make it your honeymoon! :-)

  5. hehe What's the closest airport to you???

  6. Wow, this puts a whole different spin on the guests list nightmare! Good luck sorting it all out.

  7. Guilty: Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes..

    Sarah: Johannesburg International, now stupidly known as O.R. Tambo International. I'll even have someone come fetch you! Now you can't say fairer than that.


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