04 October, 2008

Be safe, dress!

I had to drop off my dress at Bride & Co today for the final alterations. When I first picked it up in May (or was it June?) my consultant suggested that I wait until a few weeks before my wedding to have the dress shortened, in case I lost weight and needed it taken in as well. That way they could do both at the same time. Well, as it turns out, I haven't lost any weight (as if), so all that needs doing is hemming. I just really hope they don't screw up the beautiful lace edging on the overlay. And it sounds nuts, but I'll really miss my dress and worry about it until it's returned safely to me. Two weeks. Gulp. I don't know if I can go that long worrying about it. I mean, anything could happen to it there - they could dirty it, tear it, lose it, accidentally give it to someone else...

Double gulp.

So earlier I started thinking about what Miss Avo/Jenna said about there not being that many split-front dresses out there. So I did a quick google, and, boy, is she right. There isn't much, and what there is is, well, kind of crappy.

I really hate these:

These are better:

A poofy cinderella split-front? Now this was new to me, but I don't like it:

And, finally, a few I DO like:

Hmmm. I know you can't even see clearly that the first and last dresses are split-front, but they are. It's interesting, though, that the ones I like are all flowing, Austen-esque, Grecian goddess-type dresses, whereas mine has a much fuller skirt. Aarrgh! Should my skirt be less poofy?? Should I cut out the netting inside! I don't want to do that - it's kind of drastic. But wouldn't like it more if was, well, smaller?? Like these other ones? What do I do?


I love my dress, I love my dress, I love my dress...

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