24 October, 2008

In seven days, you will see the ring...

Wedding ring, that is ;-) Hopefully not the other, freaky-girl-child-climbs-out-the-tv kind.

All day long I was looking at the clock, thinking "Now we'd be arriving at the salon for our hair"..."Now I should be getting into my dress"..."Now I'll be walking down the aisle"... even my mom sent me an email at 3:45 this afternoon, saying that she realised that one week from today I would be transforming into MRS Ruby Slippers! Eeee!

I didn't do anything tonight. I watched a bunch of Grey's Anatomy and tried to breathe, and worried about how pudgy my tummy is. Seriously, that whole "bride losing weight before the wedding" thing is complete crap. Ever heard of stress-eating?? Well, I have, and so has my tummy. Hello, chocolate, my old friend.

My skin has been fabulous for weeks now. Which means that it has seven days to go nuts still. I guess eating all those potato chips for lunch won't help that cause. Buggrit.

I had a semi-hair trial, where I went to the salon ostensibly to talk about what I wanted, and ended up having my stylist and another guy testing out ways to curl my hair using different heaters, rollers, tongs, flat-irons, the works. Guess which one worked the best? Yeah...NONE of them. After five minutes every curl was hanging limply like week-old lettuce around my head. And I had so much hairspray in it made my nose itch. I wouldn't care about the hairspray if it held the curls, but apparently I have the stupidest hair in the world. My stylist says I lack inter-cellular cement, or something. Shrug. We didn't cover that in biology.

The two hairstyles I told her to base mine on.

I suggested to my stylist that I bring my own rollers in on the day, and that she puts my tiara in, the top part of my hair up, and then sends me on my way with the back rollers still in, which I will take out at the last possible moment. She then told me that since I first booked her, her days in the salon have been altered to accommodate a recent neck injury which was being aggravated by her working so often, and that now she's not working on the day of my wedding. She suggested that I still come in to the salon and get the bulk of my hair done, and that she then drives out to the venue and fixes the ends for me at the last minute. I thought this was incredibly kind of her, because it's over 25 kilometres to my venue, down a busy road that takes some time to get through. She already knew that the reason I wasn't having her come to the venue was because I couldn't afford that, so she can't have expected me now to offer to pay her for that, and I did try to talk her out of it but she said she would be happy to do it. I just hope she actually is. I guess I should get her something as a thank-you gift... maybe a box of chocolates and a little money to cover at least her petrol costs? Because it's really not in the budget to pay her properly to come out when I'm already paying her to do my hair at her salon! What do you think?


  1. I think a box of chocolates sounds lovely accompanied by a thank you note :) Very cool though that you'll have that!

  2. It sounds to me like she wants to do it, so I'd just accept it graciously (as I'm sure you will). I like the idea of a note and small gift to show your gratitude.


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