10 October, 2008

And more wedding goodness arrives at my house...

...which is beginning to look like a disaster zone. Luckily (?) my house is always in a mess, which makes the epic pile-up of wedding goodness not as noticeable. Silver lining here, people!

So aside from the eight boxes I've been purloining from work over the past few weeks (eh, they usually get thrown out, anyway), and which are full of random paraphernalia like the crystalised hanging table cards, the cake toppers, the confetti cones (those I've actually done so far), the blinged-up candles, my shoes, garter, the guestbook, and so on and so fifth, there are also three green supermarket bags full of extra candles which a work colleague gifted me from her daughter's wedding; the wooden cardbox, which is too big to fit in these boxes; a big plastic bag of photo frames for the table names; the clapperboards which were such a good idea until we decided on the classic actor table names instead, which means we have to find another way to use them because I abhor waste; twelve ice-cream tubs full of golden Oscars; and a big kitbag which I'm going to use for my emergency kit, jewellery and general "don't forget this" items on the day. Then lying on the shelf near my bed are the two BM dresses (which I can't hang up because they're strapless AND stretchy), and my veil is hiding in a cupboard so Mr Ruby Slippers doesn't see it, together with the GM ties. Then on the door to the computer room I've hung the damask table runners (they were too long for the cupboard). On top of this the computer room itself (known to us as the Spare Oom) has test-run printouts scattered everywhere, of everything from the menus to the programs to the placecards, as well as lists with headings like "don't forget this" and "parents to take to venue". Aaargh, so many teeny details to organise! It's frightening.

So the actual point of this post was that last night my seamstress dropped off the BM dresses, veil and ties at my house. I promptly had a mini dress-up in my veil (which would have been a full-blown dress-up if my dress wasn't off enjoying its last few weeks of freedom at the alterations place (probably boozing it up with the other gowns) and tried to recreate some flying veil shots (note: this doesn't work inside). I didn't get any photos, because it was impossible by myself to hold the camera whilst my veil covers my entire body, but this is pretty much what it's going to look like:

This is Mrs Jelly Beans from Weddingbee. My veil even has scattered rhinestones like hers, to give that extra dash of sparkle without being too blingy, but while hers was long in front and cathedralesque at the back, mine is just above ankle-length all the way around, if I keep it even. The beauty of a drop veil is that it can be adjusted to be any length! It also looks really pretty with the front at waist-length and the back trailing on the floor, but I *think* I've decided against this in case it covers and detracts from my beautiful train.

Here is a picture of the bridesmaids' dress. Again, I don't have one of them in their actual dresses (this is from the net somewhere), but I love the fabric we chose and the colour matches my Ruby Slippers perfectly! Oh, the serendipity of it all - because I didn't take the shoes along when we bought the dress fabric. It just happened!

The only thing is we didn't get brooches to put at the side where the dress gathers up, and I think it's necessary for a bit of dressy sparkle. So now I'm going to have to find two costume brooches from somewhere easy and close (I really don't feel like travelling somewhere just for brooches at this point..)

Oh, and one more piece of wedding goodness - I finally found white parasols! Which means we can take scrumptious photos like these:

I've lost the source of this one, but isn't it yummy? It even matches my colours and everything! Only my girls are going to be a little less - ahem - free with their womanly assets.

Is wedding stuff taking over your home?


  1. YES YES YES! We have had to take over the spare room at FSIL's house, and FH's old bedroom at his parents house!!! It doesn't help that we started getting gifts delivered to the house over a month ago! Not that I am complaining about getting gifts....

  2. OH yeah, it was completely rampant and you could barely eat at the table. Right now it's in about 6 rubbermaid containers in the shed because we had thanksgiving dinner over here. lol I was able to get rid of the big floral thingies because the florist took 'em! YAY! and then we have linens that couldn't go in the shed (because of mildew probability) in the office here in a huge box and piling over. I hate the clutter! But only about two more weeks for me!

  3. oh, I had an idea early this morning too. lol In those moments between wake and "I want to be asleep" I had the thought that I wanted a series of cake shots. I know, they aren't normally very glamorous, but I bet you have some good ones stashed away!

  4. Actually, Sarah, I don't have many cake shots! Unless I liked the topper or the cake was really beautiful I never bothered saving them...it's all about the photography for me, and how stylish can you really get with a cake? I know some do it better than others, but I still haven't really collected them.


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