23 October, 2008

Photo of the Day & bits

Stress, stress...I started packing the boxes for the various tables tonight. That way everything that has to go on table 1 is in a box marked table 1, the end. No confusion! I also tied name tags on all my Oscar favours, while watching Monster-in-Law as part of my wedding movie marathon. I've already watched 27 Dresses, Wedding Crashers, Confetti, My Best Friend's Wedding and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I hate Muriel's Wedding, so that's out, and I'm leaving Father of the Bride till right before, because it's my favourite! And now I'm off to watch Made of Honor. I hear it's crap, but it's weddingy and has McDreamy in it, so I think I'll live.

Here is an awesome Trash the Dress shot by Casey Cunningham:

Any other Wedding movie suggestions? I have a week....next week this time I will be freaking out because it will be the night before my wedding....Holy Crap.


  1. That is such a cool idea. The only wedding film I've watched while engaged was 27 Dresses. I should squeeze some more in during my last two weeks.

    Oh, but how can you hate Muriel's Wedding? It's a classic!

  2. that seperate boxes idea is GENIUS! hehe I don't have different tables though, they're all going end to end in a "u" shape. I like it for you though! You won't even have to *be* there except to maybe set up the first one how you like it, then let your minions follow and do the rest! hehe

  3. Well, let's hope the florist sets up the tables right, because I won't be there for that. That's the main thing.

    Guilty: I don't know, I just found Muriel's Wedding depressing and annoying. I quite often don't like Australian films (except Baz, of course). Maybe I just don't get them. Oh and I forgot to say I also hate The Wedding Planner!


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