22 October, 2008

Pre-nups and cherries jubilee

Always tired, always tired...but I am trying to blog at least something every day until The Wedding. Even if it's just a Photo of the Day. Tonight Mr Ruby Slippers and I went to go and sign our ante-nuptial contract at my friend Monica's office. Monica is - most usefully - a lawyer who can DO that, so she offered to do it for us as our wedding present. I believe our response was "hell, yes!" We really didn't feel like paying for a piece of paper that will most likely never be used, but that we need to get because it's the responsible thing to do.

To be honest, both Mr RS and I had kind of forgotten about the idea of a pre-nuptial agreement in the mad wedding organisation rush (which, by the way, is still freaking me out because it's not nearly as rushed as I thought it would be. Am I missing something??), until Best Man Ruby Slippers casually asked if we were getting married in community of property or not. A brief stress-out ensued, followed by me calling my trusty lawyer friend, who sorted everything out beautifully and stress-less-ly.

I know every engaged couple thinks this, but since it's highly unlikely we will ever need the pre-nup in the case of divorce, we wanted it more to cover our assets in case of death or debt or insolvency. The last thing we want, if something should happen to one of us, is for all our accounts to be frozen while the red tape of death is dealt with; we also didn't want one of us to be in terrible debt and have the bank/debt-collectory people (see how clueless I am?) to be able to access the other partner's funds and assets. So this little piece of paper will probably never see the light of day (we can but hope, even though I'm always Cynic McCynicson), but it's a necessary, yet boring, part of the wedding planning process.

At least the evening wasn't entirely wasted. We went across the road to a steakhouse we hadn't tried before (the law offices being miiiiles from our house) and I had the yummiest fillet with mushroom sauce, followed by hot cherries jubilee. Mmmm.

You know the pre-nup part is boring when food is the most exciting part of your evening.


  1. sounds like the night of the pre-nup has a highlight of your week! ;)

  2. Oh... food is regularly the most exciting part of my evening!


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