15 October, 2008

Tossing my bouquet out the window...

Well. I spoke to my florist today, and guess what? There is a strong possibility that the lilies I want so badly for my bouquet are going to be unavailable in sixteen days. Which, you know, is when we're getting married. In case you didn't remember.

So much for being easygoing about the flowers. The centrepieces? As long as they're somewhere between dark red and black-red, I don't care. Lilies, peonies, tulips, roses, whatever. Boutonnieres? Corages? Whatever you think looks nice. Bridesmaid's bouquets? White lilies...or white tulips, white anything except roses, please. I was making it easy for the florist to be creative and spend less, especially since her brother, my friend Henni, is paying for the damn things. But the one thing I really want, that I've been visualising for months (since the beginning, in fact), that still makes me go "OOh, it's like mine!" when I see it on photo blogs, is, in all likelihood, not going to happen. I could cry. And it's so stupid - I mean, really, it's a bouquet, it's a bunch of flowers, for goodness' sakes. It will look pretty no matter what's in there, because that's what flowers DO. And no one will know what it was supposed to look like, and they won't care anyway. They won't even remember what my bouquet looked like.

But I will. It'll be in the photos. And I know me, I'll keep going, "Man, I wish I'd been able to get those crimson lilies." For years. Because I get a touch obsessive over things. Blech.

What crimson lilies, you ask? THESE:

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant! Waaaaa!!!

I'll keep you posted. I asked her what we could do for a backup, and she said not to worry about that just yet. Hmm. I can't decide if that's good, or that's her placating me.


  1. I stressed about my bouquet for weeks and weeks. I kept trying to book florists, and then cancelling because no one was going to be able to do what I wanted. I just wanted fresh, local, in season flowers. I didn't want roses, calla lillies, or daisies. Green and white would be great for colors. That is ALL I wanted, and everyone wanted to charge me $100+ for it.

    So I gave up and decided to do it myself. I brought pins, tape, ribbon and scissors. I walked up to Pike's Place the night before the wedding. I bought the first flowers I saw that I liked. I spent $28 total and only used 1/4 of the supplies. It looked far from perfect, but it looks like a brides bouquet for a fraction of the cost and that is what made me happy. It ended up completely trashed by the end of the night anyways!


  2. Thank you! I need some of that attitude! *Breathe*. It's just...those lilies are so gosh darn GORGEOUS. Maybe I should pop by a flower market sometime soon and see what's available in my colours. Just for a mental backup. And your bouquet looks lovely. No one would know you made it. I keep seeing bunches of flowers in supermarkets and thinking that they already LOOK like bouquets; all I need is to tie a ribbon round them!

    Although they're never in my colours.

  3. They are so beautiful! I'm having some too :)

    Don't panic, girl, your bouquet will be beautiful whether you track some of these babies down or not.

  4. Well, apparently they're not in bloom till December here. Phooey. Florist is trying to track down replacement flowers as we speak.

    Guilty, I hope yours are available. I'll live vicariously through your bouquet...


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