21 October, 2008

Twelve of the Best: Sky

I love cloudy skies. I think I might have featured ten of the best ones the other day in my Ed Pingol post, but here are a few more fantastic ones, with a few Pingols thrown in because he really is the master:

Andrea Carlyle

Jim Garner

Frank Amodo

David M

Andrea Carlyle

Adam Hilton

CG Photography

I apologise for the poor links. I am so incredibly tired that I didn't bother with the ones that already have the photographer's name on the picture. Google is a wonderful tool...

Ten days....soooo tired...and I haven't even DONE anything wedding-related tonight!


  1. Did you know that a lot of these skies are added in later/? I have seen my mom do it, and it is pretty amazing to watch. I can't wait to share my bridals with everyone, the sky was so amazing that day! I'd send you one right now but the files aren't on this computer....

  2. I did not know that! I knew they made them go POW with photoshop, but entirely added in...I don't know if it feels wrong because it's not really true, or fine because it makes for beautiful pics.

    Ooh ooh, I want to see your bridals! As soon as you can, please :-)

  3. beautiful! It doesn't bother me if they're fake!


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