18 October, 2008

Heading off to shower...

Bridal Shower, that is! I'm really sorry I didn't get to do my Photographer Friday last night, but we had a fantastically huge thunderstorm, so off went the computers for safety's sake. And I'm not complaining, because I've been begging for rain for months. It hasn't rained where I live since APRIL. My venue was going to look like a dustbowl! But hopefully with the few hours we got last night, it will perk up and be green in THIRTEEN DAYS.

Anyway, in a few hours I'm off to my bridal shower/bachelorette/hen party/kitchen tea/whatever you wanna call it. I'm kind of nervous because I don't know what to expect, and All Eyes are going to be on me, which is always disconcerting! But I'm also excited because I know that Best Friend Ruby Slippers has been going to a lot of trouble, and my mom has been baking up a storm. I'm pretty sure that there's going to be some kind of "guess Mr Ruby Slippers' favourite things" game, because I was asked for his email address a couple of weeks ago, and I'm a tad concerned about that because Mr RS is sometimes a bit hard to read. I know what his favourite movies are, roughly, but even actors I'm not sure, and as for things like food and drinks...he doesn't have favourites, as far as I know! Now me, I am much easier to read, because I'm very vocal about what I like. So if he was asked these questions about me, he is totally going to win this game. But seriously, who doesn't know that my favourite classic actress is Judy Garland and my favourite current actress is Emma Thompson?

Oh wait, I should put a picture in this post. *Shows off*

This is me and Best Friend Ruby Slippers when we met the fantastic Emma last year!


I have a ton off stuff to do, including printing table names and doing my hair, so I'm going to go now! I'll let you know how it went!


  1. I know you probably don't care about this at all, but you look so much like a best friend I had about 7 years ago, It's uncanny. She had the same colour hair as you, straight, but down to her bottom, and a LOT of the same facial features as you do. Maybe that's why I like you so much, it seems like I already know you! hehe :)

  2. Haha, that's so cute! You should go look your friend up and say Hi :-) The funny thing I always thought YOU looked a little familiar, but I disregarded it..I figured maybe you just had one of those faces. Maybe you also remind me of someone. Hmm. I must think about this!


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