30 October, 2008

I'm getting married in the morning...ding dong, the bells are gonna chime...

Well, it's tomorrow. The culmination of ten months and six days of planning, stressing and organising. If it doesn't come together now...well, there's nothing I can do. Stuff is boxed, my "to take" bag is full of jewellery, hairspray, shoes, and goodness knows what, and I'm standing here typing with my legs covered in hair removal cream. Oh, the fun of being a girl :-)

The flowers came in more expensive than I'd been led to believe, but the economy has gone to hell, so I don't suppose I should have expected anything else. Anyway, they're paid for, the photographer's second payment has gone through, every single thing has been paid for, except our hair tomorrow. I have a loooong Excel list of what everything cost, but I'm too scared now to add it up and find out what we actually spent. The good thing is I didn't have to delve into my inheritance savings, which we're keeping to buy a house with next year. Go me! I can't wait to SHOP again. I don't think I've bought new clothes this whole year. And barely any dvds.

My legs are now hairless and smell funny. But all in the name of garter photos, I suppose!

I'll try post again tomorrow morning, but if I don't - I'll be back after the wedding, and thanks for reading!

Almost-Mrs Ruby Slippers


  1. Congratulations! Have an amazing time!

  2. Congrats!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Congratulations!! Have a wonderful wedding!! :)

  4. Happy Wedding day (almost!). As many other brides will tell you, take some time in the middle of the day to spend time alone with your new husband. It will all pass by SO FAST. Soon you will be a boring old married lady like myself sitting around on your laptop reading about other peoples weddings :)


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