07 October, 2008

Ten of the Best...ok, Fifteen of the Best

I've noticed in my epic blogstalking and trigger-happy right-click finger that there are certain types of wedding shots I just love. The hanging dress? Yum. The bride silhouetted in a window? Drool. Flying veil? Yes please. Rings in a cute place? Aww. You get my drift.

So I decided to make today's photo of the day a Theme of the Day, rather. What better way to showcase the awesomeness of all my hundreds of favourite photographers by choosing my favourite ten, fifteen, twenty, however many shots of the same type.

So today I've decided to do the hanging dress shots. You've seen some of these before, but these are my top 15. That I've seen. I've no doubt there are tons out there that could knock these flying, which is why I'm compelled to look at blogs all day, every day. I'm searching for that perfect shot. Because what if I MISS it???

In no particular order, because that's too hard:

Altmix Photography


  1. Great idea! I tend to like the same shots over and over as well. And I would just like to say that the gown in that Ohana Photography shot is GORGEOUS.

  2. I just love the way that whole shot is so opulent! Man, I love hanging dress shots!

  3. Do you remember a shot way back when (heaven knows I don't know who took it!) But the dress was hanging in a tree way up on a branch? And the shoes were there... and the purse was hanging... do you remember this? The photographer blogged about actually climbing the tree! Is this ringing a bell? lol

  4. Yes; I still have it! It's by The Shooting Gallery. I love them! It didn't quite make my top 15, though :-) You should see how many I have!


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